HELP OUR MASJID Will you claim your Palace in Jannah Today?



The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “Whoever Builds a Masjid For Allah, Allah will Reward them with a Palace in Paradise” - (Al-Bukhari)

Would you 🚶 WALK right past $1,000,000 cash in a duffle bag?

Imagine someone left you $1,000,000 cash, a penthouse on the beach, and the car 🚘 of your dreams - Right in your new paved driveway! Wouldn’t you be blown away?

Would you say no to all of this? You would be CRAZY to say no to all of this!

What if we were to tell you that you were to be given something MUCH bigger than this? Today you and I are given an opportunity to earn something much much bigger than this: Your own unique palace made in Jannat!

What is Happening Right Now? Masjid Al Furqan Needs Your Help To Keep The Doors Open!

We’re one of the only few masjids outside of the Orlando, FL area! In fact, we are literally only a few minute away from the Kennedy Space Station in Cape Canaveral, FL! How Amazing is that? So many Muslims that drive by here will benefit from congregational prayer in the future, classes for children and adults, Jummah khutbahs and a multi-purpose center to cater for the entire community!

We URGENTLY need to raise another $100,000 to cover our operational expenses and to pay off our goodly loans for the Masjid by the end of this year. All we need are 1000 SPECIAL people chosen by Allah swt to donate atleast $100.


Our Goals With This Project

Masjid Al Furqan is looking to raise funds to help cover the costs of the Masjid and to pay off our loans.

We are also looking to start a community service program to stand beside our muslim brothers and sisters and provide financial and food assistance to help them get necessities for their families.

As we as a ummah are still apprehending the horrific crisis that has been caused around the world, thousands of our muslim brothers, sisters and families have been affected by the crisis. Most have lost their jobs and can’t bear the stress of barely putting food on the table.

Especially our beloved Imams, masjids, and Quran teachers. The Masjids and Madrasas on whom they depend on for their livelihoods can no longer support them. Some have even gone as far as laying them off, when at a time when we need them the most. They need us now more than ever.

Especially for the good they have done for their local communities. Now is NOT the time to lay them off - In fact we should be doing everything in our power to make sure their families and needs are taken care of.

Imagine what a difficult situation this is for them - would you be able to handle that burden?

And we leave you with this reminder from our most beloved (PBUH)

Here is what Sh. Yasir Qadhi has said about this matter:

Give charity (ṣadaqa) continuously, especially when you are at your prime:

The Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) was asked, "what is the best type of charity?" He replied:

"That you give charity while you are in full health and good circumstance (ṣaḥīḥ), wanting to preserve your wealth (shaḥīḥ), worrying about lack of money and desiring to get rich! And that you don't wait until you are on your deathbed, at which point you will say:

"Give this amount to that person," and "Give this amount to that other person," even though [at that stage] it is effectively with those others anyway" [Bukhari].

Nothing repels Divine Anger like giving secret charity; and nothing demonstrates your true faith in Allah's promise than handing over your wealth to the poor, expecting al-Ghaniyy to give you back much more in this world and the next! No MATTER what situation we are in!

Give what is reasonable to give, give frequently, and give with a generous heart. For whatever you give, Allah will replace it with much more..

What’s in it for me?

  • REWARD for every single PRAYER prayed in congregation at the Masjid

  • REWARD for every fast broken in Ramadan when the masjid is open again

  • REWARD for every single letter a child learns from the Qur'an

  • REWARD for every person who accepts Islam and implements it in their life

  • A PALACE in Jannah, the ULTIMATE reward

Can you REALLY afford to MISS OUT?

We just need 1000 SPECIAL individuals to donate only $100 each!

What Others Think About Our Masjid?

About Masjid Al Furqan

Also known as Masjid Al-Furqan. Our masjid was a small musallah located off of Courtney Parkway on Merritt Island Florida. Established in 2008, our musallah served different small cities around the area including Merritt Island, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Rockledge. AlhamdoliAllah, with the purchase of our new building and property on Merritt Island, the Masjid has welcomed thousands of guests over the years, and with your support we can continue to welcome everyone to the masjid.

We welcome and encourage dialogue with our supporters. We would love to hear your comments, feedback, issues, concerns or appreciation. For any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected]. We usually respond back in 24 business hours. Or send us a letter at the masjid below (We also take checks to this address as well):

Masjid Al Furqan, 190 Grant Rd, Merritt Island, FL

Masjid Alfurqan is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Federal Tax ID#: 23-1083570. All donations are tax deductible.